Vacuum cleaner brushes and maintenance

Some vacuum cleaners are easy to use and come with a single brush. In general, it is accompanied at least by a few small wands, which often end up at the bottom of a drawer or closet. Yet they are very useful if one knows how to use them. Here are some tips on how to properly use the items that come with your top rated vacuum cleaner and choose them upstream.

Cleaning and maintenance

vacuum cleanerLet’s start with the conventional brushes. The big-brush is mainly intended for cleaning carpets and rugs. By turning it, it removes dust and possibly animal hair caught in the fibers and carpet hair. This type of brush can also be used on hard floors, although some manufacturers do not recommend it in their manuals: if the bristles are hard, their rotation could damage some fragile ¬†– although this risk seems very small. However, the use of such a brush on hard floors, whether, tile or linoleum, has a disadvantage: bigger waste particles such as (small pebbles brought inside, waste of animals, etc). .) Can be projected rather than sucked up. If your floors are hard, you should refer to a vacuum cleaner equipped with a specific brush.

Turbo brushes

There are also mini turbo-brushes sometimes available as an option or delivered with references intended for owners of pets. This small brush does not clean the floor that well: it is simply not wide enough. On the other hand, it can be used to effectively remove animal hair from a couch, cushions or even a bed sheet. It is connected directly to the handle of the vacuum cleaner, without the telescopic tube. Occasionally, it can also be used to clean small rugs – for example, ridding bathroom carpets of hair.

The parquet brush

The special head hard floors or parquet is generally all thin and devoid of rotating brush. It is surrounded by a row of hair more or less hard. It is very simple to use, since it only has to be connected to the telescopic tube, and often light – lighter than a double-position brush – it is effective on these floors, but sometimes tends to make the Animal hair stick to the sides. During the cleaning, small stops to clean the hairs of the brush are advised.