Travel Checklist: What to Bring

Use this list just to get an idea of what you will need on your trip. If you are 110% sure that you will need it: take it. If you think it might be useful but you are not sure, do not take it. That about how much space you have and how it does not help. You will need a bunch of equipment so plan wisely.


Camping equipment

Tent, Insulation matra, Sleeping bag, Inflatable mattress, Lamp, Flashlight, Grill, Inflatable pillow, Gas stove, Pot, Pan, lighter, can opener, plastic bags.

Trekking Team

Bottle of water, blocker, sun hat, trekking shoes, aluminum cane, light clothing other than cotton (wet and not dry).

Other equipment

Good tactical knife, pens, compass, binoculars, GPS, lighter, a notepad, pen, ropes, canteen. Camera, tripod, lenses, cleaners, flash, batteries, chargers, USB adapters, memories or portable disk to save the photos.

Health and First Aid

Repellent, blocker, decongestants, antiallergics, anti-inflammatories, bandages for wounds, a bandage, stomach cramps and menstrual cramps.


It depends on the weather, and that you go the necessary thing to rotate and to go washing during the trip. Seedlings for the upper part, seedlings for the lower part, underwear, bathing clothes or any special activity (eg snowboarding).

Personal cleanliness

Toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo sachets, medium towel, soap, sandals, small mirror, laundry soap bar, dental floss, hygienic towels, tampons, toilet paper. (remember that most of these things you can get them all over the world, do not always have to be in your backpack).


Knives, Ropes, Opener, Binoculars, Radio, Flashlight, Cutlery, Cups and plates, Gloves, Lenses.


Books, video games, mp3, guitar, laptop, camera, cell phone.

Electronics and technology

Chargers, batteries, memories, adapters, plugs, transformers, wi-fi antennas, hearing aids, extensions.


Travel insurance , passport, vaccination certificate, driver’s license, special permits, identifications, tickets, reservations, tickets.