Tips to make your dishes sparkle

House tip number 1: Glasses and cups with zero trace of dirt.

The observations: Washings repeatedly, liquids that stain… with time, the glasses become dull and sometimes cover themselves with traces of stains. Not easy to get through!

The solution: Clean glasses with 1 liter of hot water + ½ glass of white vinegar (ideal to dissolve tartar and limestone) + 1 handful of coarse salt.

Shine up the gloss of your crystal glasses: soak them half a day in water with potato peels or rub them vigorously with one slice only. The secret? Starch, a true natural cleanser. Do not forget to rinse.

Tip and trick number 2: Truly brilliant cutlery

The conclusion: Over the years, silver cutlery eventually oxidize and yellow sleeves horn… What tarnish your best table decorations !

The solution: Place your cutlery on a sheet of aluminum foil and soak for 30 minutes in boiling water. The oxidation is deposited on the aluminum and the silver finds all its brilliance.
Rub the cover sleeves with slightly ammonia water: the ammonia has degreasing properties. Rinse thoroughly!

House tip and trick # 3: Scrubbed dishes

The observation: Treats, tarts! One thing is for sure, we feasted! But the sequel may be less enjoyable: the bottom of our dishes has gotten dirty and find it will ask for elbow grease…

The solution: By throwing a handful of coarse salt into the dishwashing water, the effectiveness of the “scratching” side of the sponge is increased. So rubbing is easier! And faster cleaning.
Avoid: never scrape with a knife, it spoils the bottom of the pans and scratches the dishes.

House tip and trick 4: A striped wooden board

The observation: Cutting after cutting, our old wooden board displays some wrinkles and honorable scars. So, all these traces of blade make it difficult to clean deeply and promotes the proliferation of bacteria…
The solution: Rub it vigorously with citrus peel. It’s like lemon on wounds, it stings, but it’s antiseptic!

House Tip and Tip # 5: Remove the smells of the teapot!

The observation: As you adore this, your teapot is always full of tea as you sip all day. As a result, the bottom of the teapot is sometimes covered with mildew odors that can occur. Now, you know, it’s impossible to wash or scour, the tea would lose all its flavor.

The solution :
Rinse only with hot water and drain. Then put a square of sugar in the bottom – this will absorb moisture – and remove it, once your teapot dries.
Think of storing your teapot without its lid so that it is easier to ventilate.
Use cleansing vinegar to remove the traces of dirt! Rub the inside of the cups or teapot with half a lemon or white vinegar. The spots will disappear automatically!

House Tip and Tip # 6: A good kitchen faucet

The observation: At rest a few days, the dishwasher sometimes smells stale. This is normal since it has not been ventilated or used.
The solution: Skip the dishwasher entirely. Why not use a high powered kitchen faucet? If you want one then check out the best kitchen faucet reviews here.

Make sure that you get one that is powerful though, otherwise it will leave you having to scrub the leftover dirt off yourself.