Table saw safety importance

A circular or table saw is a machine designed to cut materials by manual advancement of the piece in outdoor construction. It consists of a circular saw blade (cutting disc) and a horizontal table that are fixed during the cutting operation.

This article is valid for table saws for wood working and driven by an electric motor. Go see some of the 10 best table saws if you want to see an example.

This article only shows the specific safety regulations that must be followed by the operator of this machine in order to use it safely.

This article does not replace the manufacturer’s instruction manual . The rules contained are general in nature, so some recommendations may not apply to a particular model.

This article is intended for operators of rented machinery, so that neither the general risks existing in a work nor the risks derived from the operations of transport or maintenance of the machine (operations to be carried out by the rental companies) are contemplated.

In case the machine is connected to a generating set, this plug must be read together with the group.

The machine should only be used for the purpose for which it was intended and always by authorized and trained personnel for its use.

The operator must be familiar with the operation of the machine before using it for the first time. You should know the function and sense of operation of each control, how to stop the engine quickly, the possibilities and limitations of the machine, the space required to maneuver and the mission of the safety devices.

Pay special attention to all information and warning plates on the machine.
Maintenance, repair or modification of the machine may only be carried out by specialized personnel belonging to the rental company.

Do not use the machine when an abnormality is detected during daily inspection or during use. In such case, turn off the machine and immediately notify the technical service of the rental company.