How to sleep better

A tired body needs a sleep repairman to regenerate.  Here are some tips.  First, you need to reduce your intake of caffeine, coffee, tea, cola and alcohol …  In fact, all these substances are exciting and do not promote an easy sleep.  Remember to stop smoking and eat light evening, it helps to have a better sleep .
We also recommend that you vary your diet in order to have a sufficient intake of vitamin B, calcium and magnesium.

Sleep is a fragile state and it doesn’t take much to lose sleep.  Family problems or professionals, excitement, disturbance in our habits, excessive fatigue all add up.  Indeed, beyond a certain level of fatigue, it is difficult to find sleep .  The causes are many, but a little common sense and discipline help to sleep better.

Tips to Promote Good Sleep

You will never be told enough, but getting tired the day allows a restful sleep.  However, avoid sports at night just before going to bed, as there is a risk of nervousness. Relax before going to bed.

Organize a quiet time of about 30 minutes. Arrange a pleasant environment in your room, avoiding noise, light and keeping a temperature between 18-19 degrees. Develop a ritual of falling asleep and repeating the same motions every night when you put to bed.

Observe regular schedules to accommodate your internal clock.  The “sleep cycle” runs every 90 minutes (a night of sleep consists of a series of 4 or 5 cycles for about 90 minutes each, which include different phases: the sleep and REM sleep, then the REM sleep and finally, the cycle ends with awakening and a new cycle begins).

Avoid meals too heavy or too copious at night. So eat without excess before bed. In case of insomnia, the nap should be avoided so as not to shift the rest of the evening. Check the quality of your bedding.  Having a good mattress is very helpful and if you are staying at someone elses house then you’ll want to read the best air mattress reviews and buy one of them.

It is important to change bedding every 10 years or less. The bedding must be adapted to the weight and size of each. It must be firm without being hard, in good condition and the surface must be smooth and regular.

So you need to relax before sleep , you will be all the better upon waking and throughout the day.
And with good bedding you that you “recharge your batteries” because it is the guarantee of a good sleep.