Auto Repair tips

Your car is down? A repair is to be considered? Do not panic, find out all the tips to avoid problems and save money.

auto repair

Beyond the periodic maintenance of your vehicle (brake pads, suspensions, …), it happens unfortunately that it breaks down. Bodywork (wing, door), or important operations can be essential: change of clutch, universal joints, problems of airbags, or even gasket of cylinder head, the causes can be more complicated. And with recent models packed with electronics, the diagnosis or replacement of parts can be very expensive.

These tips will help you to limit the risks of disputes with your garage when repairing your car. In all cases use the comparison to find a good mechanic like this Fort Collins auto repair garage.

Here are some common problems encountered by motorists:
Personal garage movements: note the number of actual kilometers your vehicle has before leaving it in the garage. Normally, the auto repair tech notes the kilometers on the order of repairs. But it has happened that some unscrupulous garage owners use the vehicle for personal journeys, from 10 to 100km!
Vehicle deterioration: check the interior / exterior condition of your vehicle, take photos, have the condition checked by the mechanic before work. This will avoid problems if the garage damages the bodywork (eg scratches) during repairs. So he can not deny his responsibility.
For major repairs, you better make several quotes from several different auto garages (approved garage, independent garage, specialized type center Feu Vert , …). You can also order an estimate of repairs to determine the average price of parts and labor for the repair to be performed.
Unnecessary change of parts: if you are not sure that the repairs offered by the garage are essential, do not hesitate to ask the opinion of an independent auto expert. It will give you an objective opinion on the essential repairs and those that are less. The rates generally vary from 100 and 150 euros.
Mark with small visual cues (indelible pen or screwdriver) the screws and bolts that are supposed to be unscrewed during repairs. This will ensure that the parts have been disassembled.
Find out about the possible loan of a courtesy vehicle.

Always specify that you wish to collect the used parts from your garage. The parts are your property, you have the right to see them or recover them, especially if you have any doubt about the repairs made by the garage. One exception is the interventions that take place under the manufacturer’s warranty.

In case of problems
These tips are helpful in avoiding problems with extra billing or non-repairs. But what if bad repairs are made, if the vehicle is still broken or if it is damaged?  You will then need to file a lawsuit.