Travel Checklist: What to Bring

Use this list just to get an idea of what you will need on your trip. If you are 110% sure that you will need it: take it. If you think it might be useful but you are not sure, do not take it. That about how much space you have and how it does not help. You will need a bunch of equipment so plan wisely.


Camping equipment

Tent, Insulation matra, Sleeping bag, Inflatable mattress, Lamp, Flashlight, Grill, Inflatable pillow, Gas stove, Pot, Pan, lighter, can opener, plastic bags.

Trekking Team

Bottle of water, blocker, sun hat, trekking shoes, aluminum cane, light clothing other than cotton (wet and not dry).

Other equipment

Good tactical knife, pens, compass, binoculars, GPS, lighter, a notepad, pen, ropes, canteen. Camera, tripod, lenses, cleaners, flash, batteries, chargers, USB adapters, memories or portable disk to save the photos.

Health and First Aid

Repellent, blocker, decongestants, antiallergics, anti-inflammatories, bandages for wounds, a bandage, stomach cramps and menstrual cramps.


It depends on the weather, and that you go the necessary thing to rotate and to go washing during the trip. Seedlings for the upper part, seedlings for the lower part, underwear, bathing clothes or any special activity (eg snowboarding).

Personal cleanliness

Toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo sachets, medium towel, soap, sandals, small mirror, laundry soap bar, dental floss, hygienic towels, tampons, toilet paper. (remember that most of these things you can get them all over the world, do not always have to be in your backpack).


Knives, Ropes, Opener, Binoculars, Radio, Flashlight, Cutlery, Cups and plates, Gloves, Lenses.


Books, video games, mp3, guitar, laptop, camera, cell phone.

Electronics and technology

Chargers, batteries, memories, adapters, plugs, transformers, wi-fi antennas, hearing aids, extensions.


Travel insurance , passport, vaccination certificate, driver’s license, special permits, identifications, tickets, reservations, tickets.

Tips to make your dishes sparkle

House tip number 1: Glasses and cups with zero trace of dirt.

The observations: Washings repeatedly, liquids that stain… with time, the glasses become dull and sometimes cover themselves with traces of stains. Not easy to get through!

The solution: Clean glasses with 1 liter of hot water + ½ glass of white vinegar (ideal to dissolve tartar and limestone) + 1 handful of coarse salt.

Shine up the gloss of your crystal glasses: soak them half a day in water with potato peels or rub them vigorously with one slice only. The secret? Starch, a true natural cleanser. Do not forget to rinse.

Tip and trick number 2: Truly brilliant cutlery

The conclusion: Over the years, silver cutlery eventually oxidize and yellow sleeves horn… What tarnish your best table decorations !

The solution: Place your cutlery on a sheet of aluminum foil and soak for 30 minutes in boiling water. The oxidation is deposited on the aluminum and the silver finds all its brilliance.
Rub the cover sleeves with slightly ammonia water: the ammonia has degreasing properties. Rinse thoroughly!

House tip and trick # 3: Scrubbed dishes

The observation: Treats, tarts! One thing is for sure, we feasted! But the sequel may be less enjoyable: the bottom of our dishes has gotten dirty and find it will ask for elbow grease…

The solution: By throwing a handful of coarse salt into the dishwashing water, the effectiveness of the “scratching” side of the sponge is increased. So rubbing is easier! And faster cleaning.
Avoid: never scrape with a knife, it spoils the bottom of the pans and scratches the dishes.

House tip and trick 4: A striped wooden board

The observation: Cutting after cutting, our old wooden board displays some wrinkles and honorable scars. So, all these traces of blade make it difficult to clean deeply and promotes the proliferation of bacteria…
The solution: Rub it vigorously with citrus peel. It’s like lemon on wounds, it stings, but it’s antiseptic!

House Tip and Tip # 5: Remove the smells of the teapot!

The observation: As you adore this, your teapot is always full of tea as you sip all day. As a result, the bottom of the teapot is sometimes covered with mildew odors that can occur. Now, you know, it’s impossible to wash or scour, the tea would lose all its flavor.

The solution :
Rinse only with hot water and drain. Then put a square of sugar in the bottom – this will absorb moisture – and remove it, once your teapot dries.
Think of storing your teapot without its lid so that it is easier to ventilate.
Use cleansing vinegar to remove the traces of dirt! Rub the inside of the cups or teapot with half a lemon or white vinegar. The spots will disappear automatically!

House Tip and Tip # 6: A good kitchen faucet

The observation: At rest a few days, the dishwasher sometimes smells stale. This is normal since it has not been ventilated or used.
The solution: Skip the dishwasher entirely. Why not use a high powered kitchen faucet? If you want one then check out the best kitchen faucet reviews here.

Make sure that you get one that is powerful though, otherwise it will leave you having to scrub the leftover dirt off yourself.

Table saw safety importance

A circular or table saw is a machine designed to cut materials by manual advancement of the piece in outdoor construction. It consists of a circular saw blade (cutting disc) and a horizontal table that are fixed during the cutting operation.

This article is valid for table saws for wood working and driven by an electric motor. Go see some of the 10 best table saws if you want to see an example.

This article only shows the specific safety regulations that must be followed by the operator of this machine in order to use it safely.

This article does not replace the manufacturer’s instruction manual . The rules contained are general in nature, so some recommendations may not apply to a particular model.

This article is intended for operators of rented machinery, so that neither the general risks existing in a work nor the risks derived from the operations of transport or maintenance of the machine (operations to be carried out by the rental companies) are contemplated.

In case the machine is connected to a generating set, this plug must be read together with the group.

The machine should only be used for the purpose for which it was intended and always by authorized and trained personnel for its use.

The operator must be familiar with the operation of the machine before using it for the first time. You should know the function and sense of operation of each control, how to stop the engine quickly, the possibilities and limitations of the machine, the space required to maneuver and the mission of the safety devices.

Pay special attention to all information and warning plates on the machine.
Maintenance, repair or modification of the machine may only be carried out by specialized personnel belonging to the rental company.

Do not use the machine when an abnormality is detected during daily inspection or during use. In such case, turn off the machine and immediately notify the technical service of the rental company.

Vacuum cleaner brushes and maintenance

Some vacuum cleaners are easy to use and come with a single brush. In general, it is accompanied at least by a few small wands, which often end up at the bottom of a drawer or closet. Yet they are very useful if one knows how to use them. Here are some tips on how to properly use the items that come with your top rated vacuum cleaner and choose them upstream.

Cleaning and maintenance

vacuum cleanerLet’s start with the conventional brushes. The big-brush is mainly intended for cleaning carpets and rugs. By turning it, it removes dust and possibly animal hair caught in the fibers and carpet hair. This type of brush can also be used on hard floors, although some manufacturers do not recommend it in their manuals: if the bristles are hard, their rotation could damage some fragile  – although this risk seems very small. However, the use of such a brush on hard floors, whether, tile or linoleum, has a disadvantage: bigger waste particles such as (small pebbles brought inside, waste of animals, etc). .) Can be projected rather than sucked up. If your floors are hard, you should refer to a vacuum cleaner equipped with a specific brush.

Turbo brushes

There are also mini turbo-brushes sometimes available as an option or delivered with references intended for owners of pets. This small brush does not clean the floor that well: it is simply not wide enough. On the other hand, it can be used to effectively remove animal hair from a couch, cushions or even a bed sheet. It is connected directly to the handle of the vacuum cleaner, without the telescopic tube. Occasionally, it can also be used to clean small rugs – for example, ridding bathroom carpets of hair.

The parquet brush

The special head hard floors or parquet is generally all thin and devoid of rotating brush. It is surrounded by a row of hair more or less hard. It is very simple to use, since it only has to be connected to the telescopic tube, and often light – lighter than a double-position brush – it is effective on these floors, but sometimes tends to make the Animal hair stick to the sides. During the cleaning, small stops to clean the hairs of the brush are advised.

How to sleep better

A tired body needs a sleep repairman to regenerate.  Here are some tips.  First, you need to reduce your intake of caffeine, coffee, tea, cola and alcohol …  In fact, all these substances are exciting and do not promote an easy sleep.  Remember to stop smoking and eat light evening, it helps to have a better sleep .
We also recommend that you vary your diet in order to have a sufficient intake of vitamin B, calcium and magnesium.

Sleep is a fragile state and it doesn’t take much to lose sleep.  Family problems or professionals, excitement, disturbance in our habits, excessive fatigue all add up.  Indeed, beyond a certain level of fatigue, it is difficult to find sleep .  The causes are many, but a little common sense and discipline help to sleep better.

Tips to Promote Good Sleep

You will never be told enough, but getting tired the day allows a restful sleep.  However, avoid sports at night just before going to bed, as there is a risk of nervousness. Relax before going to bed.

Organize a quiet time of about 30 minutes. Arrange a pleasant environment in your room, avoiding noise, light and keeping a temperature between 18-19 degrees. Develop a ritual of falling asleep and repeating the same motions every night when you put to bed.

Observe regular schedules to accommodate your internal clock.  The “sleep cycle” runs every 90 minutes (a night of sleep consists of a series of 4 or 5 cycles for about 90 minutes each, which include different phases: the sleep and REM sleep, then the REM sleep and finally, the cycle ends with awakening and a new cycle begins).

Avoid meals too heavy or too copious at night. So eat without excess before bed. In case of insomnia, the nap should be avoided so as not to shift the rest of the evening. Check the quality of your bedding.  Having a good mattress is very helpful and if you are staying at someone elses house then you’ll want to read the best air mattress reviews and buy one of them.

It is important to change bedding every 10 years or less. The bedding must be adapted to the weight and size of each. It must be firm without being hard, in good condition and the surface must be smooth and regular.

So you need to relax before sleep , you will be all the better upon waking and throughout the day.
And with good bedding you that you “recharge your batteries” because it is the guarantee of a good sleep.

Auto Repair tips

Your car is down? A repair is to be considered? Do not panic, find out all the tips to avoid problems and save money.

auto repair

Beyond the periodic maintenance of your vehicle (brake pads, suspensions, …), it happens unfortunately that it breaks down. Bodywork (wing, door), or important operations can be essential: change of clutch, universal joints, problems of airbags, or even gasket of cylinder head, the causes can be more complicated. And with recent models packed with electronics, the diagnosis or replacement of parts can be very expensive.

These tips will help you to limit the risks of disputes with your garage when repairing your car. In all cases use the comparison to find a good mechanic like this Fort Collins auto repair garage.

Here are some common problems encountered by motorists:
Personal garage movements: note the number of actual kilometers your vehicle has before leaving it in the garage. Normally, the auto repair tech notes the kilometers on the order of repairs. But it has happened that some unscrupulous garage owners use the vehicle for personal journeys, from 10 to 100km!
Vehicle deterioration: check the interior / exterior condition of your vehicle, take photos, have the condition checked by the mechanic before work. This will avoid problems if the garage damages the bodywork (eg scratches) during repairs. So he can not deny his responsibility.
For major repairs, you better make several quotes from several different auto garages (approved garage, independent garage, specialized type center Feu Vert , …). You can also order an estimate of repairs to determine the average price of parts and labor for the repair to be performed.
Unnecessary change of parts: if you are not sure that the repairs offered by the garage are essential, do not hesitate to ask the opinion of an independent auto expert. It will give you an objective opinion on the essential repairs and those that are less. The rates generally vary from 100 and 150 euros.
Mark with small visual cues (indelible pen or screwdriver) the screws and bolts that are supposed to be unscrewed during repairs. This will ensure that the parts have been disassembled.
Find out about the possible loan of a courtesy vehicle.

Always specify that you wish to collect the used parts from your garage. The parts are your property, you have the right to see them or recover them, especially if you have any doubt about the repairs made by the garage. One exception is the interventions that take place under the manufacturer’s warranty.

In case of problems
These tips are helpful in avoiding problems with extra billing or non-repairs. But what if bad repairs are made, if the vehicle is still broken or if it is damaged?  You will then need to file a lawsuit.